The MDNA Weekend

It's Friday! And if you are looking for ways to synchronize your MDNA over the next two days, look no further. Here is how each MDNA gift can maximize the weekend. You may already have some of these healthy habits, but a reminder never hurts.


The UCD, of all gifts, needs the most time alone to recharge. You have no problems being alone and that is healthy. But see if you can purposely try to relate to someone for no other reason than the relationships. Have a random phone conversation to catch up. Have a coffee with no purpose but to appreciate and listen. This will help you stay balanced with co-workers later.


You probably have a laundry (even literal laundry) list of things on your mind to get done. Not only that, there is another list of requests people would like to get help on. Don't be afraid to ask someone to help you. Or in other cases, practice saying "no" a few times.


You may want to learn about something or hang out with a group that shares a common subject interest and expertise. That is great. Before your weekend, take a moment to think about some responsibilities you might be avoiding. Or maybe you have been in "analysis paralysis" about a decision and just need to make it. Try to incorporate them in somewhere.


Of course, you would love to be socializing and having a new (larger than life) experience. Maybe it is a party or an event. Connecting with people recharges you. Just don't be afraid to spend some time alone and being comfortable with yourself. Try contemplating this question: "If people didn't want to be around you, for no particular reason, how would you feel about yourself?" This is a great question for self awareness if you are EIA.


You could pretty much do anything and would be just fine with it. But as always, you want to maximize time and resources. Here is a challenge: try wasting some time just for the sake of wasting time. Even better, go give your time and resources to a random person that is not expecting it. Watch what happens.


Most likely, you have structure to your weekend, even if that structure means no structure. Your weekend might be packed or have intentional down time. You have it organized and will be as busy as you want to be. To challenge yourself, try letting someone else take over your agenda for a change. Let them lead you.


You have already thought through every detail for the weekend. Or you are worried about every detail that did not get covered through the week. Most likely it is both. It's time to rest and just BE. Don't worry about people's feelings, expectations or your relationships. Just BE. This is hard and only an IAF really knows what it means for them. Just BE.