EIA: Empowering Inspiration & Attraction

The EIA is best described as the “connector.” They have an uncanny ability to connect with people, and then connect those people to an objective or cause on a mass scale if needed. Those who inspire us or shape popular culture, even change history are EIAs. Often described as “a party waiting to happen,” these incredibly influential communicators are designed for the social spotlight. Although typically excelling in sales, public relations, or any professional arena where networking is a strategic advantage, the EIA is designed for much more than center stage. Their true calling is to connect and unite various organizational communities for the benefit of business and society as a whole.

EIA: Examples

Some examples of popular EIAs, today and throughout history, are celebrities like Oprah; Lady Gaga; lead singer of U2 Bono; and co-founder of Facebook and one of the youngest billionaires in the world Mark Zuckerberg. And to reference one of our favorite television series again, Saul Goodman in the show Breaking Bad was a hysterical yet very accurate representation of what an EIA can be like.

(Celebrity profiles are unofficial, unverified and for educational purposes only.)

EIA: Brand Culture

Organizations and groups with this Motivational Value System are imprinted with the brand profile, “Social Experience.” The Social Experience organization is differentiated by its ability to connect individuals and groups and by engaging and monetizing those connections. These companies often have the largest market footprint and harness mass media while staying connected to their consumer base. This doesn’t mean the company has to be big itself, it just has a big reach. It is not uncommon for this brand to launch and represent a social movement.

The core competence of the Social Experience organization is attraction. Many are familiar with the law of attraction, but in many ways this is different here. This organization is able to see the reality of any market condition and ensure attraction in that market occurs.

Facebook is the ultimate online version of allowing people to stay connected and engage on a mass scale. The Ultimate Fighting Championship has made mixed martial arts the fastest growing sport by creating a fan experience like no other live sporting event does. And of course Coca-Cola, at one time one of the most valuable global brands, manages to make beverages a social experience.

Other examples of the Social Experience brand are Victoria’s Secret, Oprah Winfrey, Product Red (social campaign to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa) and WestJet.

EIA: How to Live by Design and Change the World

You are designed to inspire change. You are a spark and catalyst to really move the masses. With your design, you motivate people—even when they don't want to necessarily be motivated.

You are fun, extraverted and love connecting with people. There isn't a social, economic, racial or business barrier that limits you. Even though you can often be quite entertaining, it draws people to you so they can share what's on their hearts. You have this way of just getting to what really matters when it comes to people. One moment you can be a social chameleon, and in another you capture the social spotlight.

You are designed to communicate. We live in a world where social media combines communication and relationships. This is your sweet spot—to communicate and connect at the same time. This gives people energy and boosts morale. You build networks for yourself and others. Your influence and contact lists are impressive. It's up to you to use them to do well and do good at the same time.

Think about how important being persuasive is in a world clutters with noise and opinions. You have the ability to bring large groups of people together for consensus and commitment. Is there disunity? No problem. You build common ground. Are there differences? Perfect. You help people celebrate their diversity. Politics? You can be the diplomat with tact and charm. You can see how much the world needs your special talents and motivations.

As much as you are a friend, counsellor and cheerleader, you are a visionary as well. Your have wide vision. In other words, when you have a vision, you want to include everybody into the broader picture. You are flexible. Change is easy for you. You have no problems being agile enough to take advantage of new opportunities. This makes you unintimidated when it comes to potential challenges of innovation. You inspire others to be the same.

Learn to use the narrative to influence people. Tell larger-than-life stories. Make things personal and inspiring. Just don't get addicted to people's opinions. You can't make everybody like you. You can't please them all no matter how good you are. This is why your principles and convictions will be important. They will make sure you don't compromise out of fear of rejection and alienation. In other words, don't make excuses for other people's behaviours just because you want them to like you. People like this can become quite shallow and insecure. Sometimes you will just have to get used to being alone. Someone like you needs to learn to embrace the solitude to eventually influence the multitude.

Yes, you seem to have this internal engine that keeps going and going. Watch out you don't get too busy and let things slip through the cracks. Being busy doesn't necessarily mean you are effective. Manage your energy as much as you manage the opportunities. There are lots of ways to change the world. And many people will want to recruit you just to enjoy your energy. But look for the opportunity that fits you perfectly. Learn to distinguish between better and best. This is how you will make your mark.

You are designed to use the social spotlight for change. This is why you have boldness, exude confidence and a magnetic presence. When you walk into a room and speak, people just want to do something with you, even if they don't know what it is quite yet. Just remember, manage and prioritize your time. This can't be said enough. Yes, you thrive in chaos but you don't have to live there. This will prevent you from having to make excuses or put a spin on things when things get away from you.

Be empowering. Be inspiring. Then you will attract people to you to change the world together.

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