It is interesting learning how we fit into a company’s culture.
— K.F.

From Employees

It is interesting learning how we fit into a company's culture. It is also nice to be able to answer questions about my firm that I may not be asked normally. ~ K.F.
It was a good experience to do. I am glad that my employer is learning more about the skill sets of its people. - A.B.

From Leaders

As Executive Director of a Non-Profit, it is important to gauge the people that I work with as well as my Board of Directors so that we can work more efficiently together. By knowing where we fall on the MDNA scale, we can learn our strengths and weaknesses and how to maximize our potential by utilizing the correct individuals to complete tasks relevant to where we land on the MDNA spectrum. ~ Executive Director, Theatre Nonprofit
The tools we have learned thru the MDNA Cloud have resulted in a better understanding of our staff and prospects. This has resulted in a higher close ratio in sales and a collaborative team environment.  ~ Owner, IT Services (This company closed more business in one month than they did in the previous two years.)
MDNA Cloud helped us clearly define our vision and values and how they impact our culture. As a board, we were able to learn how to work better together and clarify our roles to be more effective. ~ Executive Director, Nonprofit
MDNA Cloud helped us clearly define our vision and values and how they impact our culture.
— Executive Director, Nonprofit
Using MDNA in the hiring process allowed us to know a candidate's strengths and weaknesses. It gave the opportunity to know where an individual would fit best within the team, who they would shine with, and who it may be best they don't work closely with. By being able to analyze the best positioning for the new hire we could ensure maximum productivity within our team. Additionally, the information from MDNA helped us to know what would motivate an employee successfully in the workplace. It provided invaluable information that allowed the company and employees to grow and meet their potential.  ~ H.R. Director, Real Estate Management Company

From Individuals

"The scope and depth of your analysis has already helped me. I just imagine the good your organization has accomplished!"

~ Tracey (UCD/IAF)

"[MDNA] makes it easier to communicate with others if you know what their personality is like and why they do what they do."

~ Luisa (CVS/EIA)

"As I have been involved in many personality questionnaires I feel I am qualified to say this was a very good one. Short in length, to the point and still fairly accurate. Some [assessments] ask the same thing over and over again to make sure that the questions were answered correctly. This one did not have to second guess itself."
I found this MDNA process to be remarkably accurate and tellling. A very interesting process.
— Dawn, SSA/IAF

~ Lynn (KWR/IAF)

"A good understanding of one self is a really good way to live a successful, happy, and effective life."

~ Alex (CVS/KWR)

"Very eye opening. Gets rid of confusion of why you are a certain way and helps delete self-judgement. Helped me settle into and accept my self."

~ Anon. (EIA/IAF)

"Very interesting assessment! Professional and it's a good way for your employees to see their personality and for a business to use their employees to their fullest potential."

~ Stephanie (DLF/SSA)

"I really like what you have done. I think that the thoughtfulness and hard work are amazing. I have done other profiles, the DISC, Meyers Briggs, etc. What I like about this profile is that it seems to take in the whole person and gives more of an understanding to myself and others around me of why I operate the way I do. Other profiles seem to 'pigeon-hole' me and put a box around me. From that place other's perceptions and responses in relationship are limited. I am trusting that this helps me and others be in relationship in a more whole and healthy way."

~ Kirsten (UCD/DLF)

"A useful insight into my motivators - particular interest in the effect of not being in sync. I felt it was very accurate, to the extent I have asked colleagues if they see these traits in me. It will be helpful in my future interactions with others. Sometimes it is not always easy to look objectively at yourself."

~ Andrew (EIA/DLF)

"Gave me far better insight than other similar tests have given - valuable tool."

~ Allison (DLF/KWR)

"This has actually helped me to understand myself better and why I do the things I do. Very validating. The information explaining each result was very helpful especially in understanding how to work alongside each different personality. Thank you for providing this material."

~ Liz (EIA/IAF)

"I really appreciate this tool. I feel that learning and recognizing my motivational drive will help me to pursue the most fulfilling type of work."

~ Beth (KWR/CVS)

"I enjoyed using the MDNA assessment, and felt the results described who I am, and how I feel towards helping others for an overall greater purpose. Among other experiences in my life, the experience of the MDNA assessment has validated that the Human Resources business unit is the right place for me to develop my career. I would recommend this analysis tool to others because I feel it's descriptive elements are thorough, accurate, relevant and current."

~ Andrea (EIA/IAF)

"Thank you, it was very accurate. I appreciate the information. I'm reflecting on the information and find it thought-provoking. Seeing my strengths is inspiring of course and agreeing with possible pitfalls or things that can bog me down and get in my way is helpful. Nothing is "new" but it revitalizes me! thanks again. My husband took it and it was very accurate for him. We talked about the results over a glass of wine. Thanks."

~ Beth (EIA/SSA)

"I feel it really explains a lot about someone. Can help me focus on my strengths to help me excel in business and or life. I would refer this to others because I feel everyone should know what direction they should take or apply to their daily routines. Maybe they have been doing it all wrong for years and this is why they have a hard time getting ahead."

~ Josh (SSA/EIA)

"This tool really helped me intrinsically understand myself in a way no other personality profile has done. It has put wording to my feeling on the inside and helped me see myself for who I have been designed to be."

~ Mike (EIA/IAF)

"It was very enlightening and accurate. Good to have moving forward on new jobs and life in general."

~ Melanie (DLF/SSA)

"It was very interesting and brought more insight that other tests I did. Thank you."

~ Laure (IAF/DLF)

"I found this MDNA process to be remarkably accurate and tellling. A very interesting process."

~ Dawn (SSA/IAF)

"I really appreciate the positive way in which the MDNA was created as it made it easy to discover what my MDNA results were. It was very well put together and actually very encouraging."

~ Ramona (IAF/EIA)

"Very empowering. Enhances confidence. Assists in employment placing."

~ Monty KWR/EIA

"Thank you so much for the in-depth, very thoughtful descriptions on the different types. It was very validating to me and really helped me understand myself better. Compared to other personality tests, yours is the most interesting and helpful."

~ Carla (IAF/UCD)