SSA: Sacrificial Service & Authority

The SSA is the unsung hero in our society. You won’t see a lot of SSAs in the media or leading popularity polls. They are the quiet ones that go about the business of serving. Their primary role is to build platforms for success under others. They do this sacrificially by meeting the needs of the greater whole, often to the detriment of their own advancement and even health. The SSA was once described the best by using the words, “without guile.” In other words, there are no ulterior motives with those who exemplify this MDNA.

SSA: Examples

Because the SSA tends to avoid the spotlight and quietly act as servant leaders, you will not find them in popular media that often. However, some examples that have become popular SSAs, today and throughout history, are Mother Teresa, who won the Nobel Peace Prize and was voted number one on Gallup's List of Most Widely Admired People of the 20th Century; Herb Kelleher, cofounder of Southwest that led 30 consecutive years of profitability and producing the highest return to shareholders of any company in the S&P 500 during his tenure; and in the fictional Batman stories, Alfred Pennyworth, a butler that tirelessly served the Wayne family for generations.

(Celebrity profiles are unofficial, unverified and for educational purposes only.)

SSA: Brand Culture

The organization or group that fits this Motivational Value System is imprinted with the brand profile, “Leadership Platforms.” The Leadership Platforms brand is best known for building platforms for success under its employees and stakeholders. Often found in the B2B arena along with the restaurant industry, this company knows what the market wants and aims to deliver it, always meeting the needs of the customer, while building relationships.

The core competence of this type of company is authority. Another way to describe the core competence of authority is “Servant Leadership.” The term authority may seem counterintuitive to the concept of a servant, but the servant heart of this brand is precisely why it works. The Leadership Platforms organization can be trusted with authority. This organization will never abuse trust or power with customers and employees. This is why a culture of leadership development is always present.

To a company like UPS, service is not just a department—it is the entire company. The company not only serves customers, but also employees through its corporate culture. When an employee starts with UPS, he or she is immediately put on a leadership-training path. Even the UPS slogan, “What can brown do for you?” is all about service. Twitter is a Leadership Platform organization in a different sort of way. Twitter is all about facilitating micro-conversations while taking a background role. The founders of this internet company have always ensured that the platform works, serving the needs of its users before even wanting to generate revenue.

Other examples of the Leadership Platforms brand are Southwest Airlines, Honda, ServiceMaster, Cracker Barrel and Men’s Wearhouse.

SSA: How to Live by Design and Change the World

This MDNA gift is not as common as it should be. There are several reasons for this. Quite often, due to the condition of society, being an SSA is unpopular; therefore many individuals with this design do not develop into their full potential. This is a tragic shame because the world needs this gift more than ever. In fact, all forms of training, from corporate management to social leadership, should use the SSA as a starting foundation.

So if you are an SSA reading this, you have already made an impact just for acknowledging the willingness to sacrifice and serve. Thank-you!

When it comes to changing the world, you are the most practical. When the world needs compassion, kindness, empathy and extra effort, everybody turns to you. While others lead with words, you lead with service. This type of servant leadership is really what makes change possible.

You are genuine always seeing the best in others. That’s why people like talking to you. People are your purpose. Helping them in tangible ways is your passion.

Sure, you can have problems saying no, but you are trustworthy and known for hard work. You are responsible where others can act entitled. This is why you will be invited to provide support in important matters. You just need to pick the matters that matter to you the most.

To change the world, the biggest hurdle you have to overcome is the belief that you really can’t make a difference. You are not a nobody. Win the battle of self-worth. If you dig deep, you know the competence and excellence you contribute. This is why, although you don’t do it often, when you speak from a position of leadership, people will listen.

You will see the best in others when they have been written off. You excel at caring for the tough cases where others won’t even try. Whether it is an individual with deep emotional wounds, or someone who just needs a chance, your ability to be a servant leader makes all the difference.

People trust you. You are straight forward with them. They appreciate your integrity, truthfulness and honesty. This is where your influence can be used do well and do good. Just don’t get caught up in worry, anxiety and taking responsibility where it is not yours to take. Take care of yourself. Learn to say no when necessary. You can’t be helping everybody all the time. Learn to manage your personal resources.

It takes a team to make a difference. You are the ultimate team player. You demonstrate the character others need to see for the same teamwork. You are not in it just for yourself but for the welfare of others. This is how you build a platform of success under leaders. With your help, leaders can stay focused and productive. You may not get all the credit for results, but that’s fine for you.

When it comes to the world’s unsung heroes, your sacrifice and service is your authority. This is not the typical institutional authority that people traditionally respond to. Your authority is different. It is the kind of authority that sets an example and, as an SSA, makes all the difference in the world.

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