MDNA Cloud is a software platform that measures culture and employee engagement. The assessment is broken into two parts and starts with identifying the intrinsic motivations of your employees. 

MDNA Cloud also measure six dimensions of culture and other culture-related factors including engagement, confidence in change and self determination. The results of MDNA Cloud's assessments are also the foundation for Brand Culture and a way to build your brand by building your culture first.

Intrinsic Motivation

At the core, MDNA Cloud is comprised of seven motivational “Gifts.” We call them Gifts to indicate how and what an individual is intrinsically motivated to give to the world. For each Gift, we carefully chose an acronym to help with an immediate understanding of its purpose, passions and potential.

Many say that MDNA “goes deeper.” While other frameworks focus on psychological temperament or strengths, we believe that these inventories have more value when paired with intrinsic motivation. 

Two-Part, Cloud-Based Assessment

In Part two of the assessment, we measure culture and employee engagement and show you how to manage it for results. 

MDNA is supported by social psychology research called Self-Determination Theory which was made mainstream by the best-selling book Drive: The Surprising Truth of What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink. The entire MDNA model is built upon analysis of historical trends and best-practice with extensive user testing since 2009. MDNA has been utilized and tested in industries such as HR, management consulting, brand strategy, leadership training, and executive coaching. 

Recently we've launched MDNA For Spaces where we identify the best space times for employees and the organization as a whole based on the culture data from the assessment.

MDNA Cloud is a proud part of Envision, a brand consulting firm.