Frequently Asked Questions

What is MDNA exactly?

MDNA is a framework based on intrinsic motivation and social DNA for the purpose of individual and culture transformation. MDNA starts with an assessment that identifies an individual's intrinsic motivations, broken down into seven "gifts." MDNA also features an employee engagement and culture analytics platform called MDNA Cloud. MDNA Cloud is used to deliver Brand Culture, which is our proprietary marketing and HR transformation strategy.

General FAQs

  1. How did you develop MDNA and the 7 Gifts?
  2. How did you first develop the assessment?
  3. How accurate is MDNA?
  4. What can I expect in an MDNA Assessment?
  5. What is the difference between MDNA and other assessments?
  6. What is the social science behind MDNA?
  7. Can an MDNA assessment be manipulated for results?
  8. How does MDNA affect emotional intelligence?
  9. What are the deliverables we can expect for our organization? What does MDNA Cloud actually do?

Brand Culture FAQs

  1. What is Brand Culture? How was it developed? How does it relate to MDNA?
  2. How do you handle outliers on the team?
  3. Can we change culture?
  4. Can and should MDNA be used to screen employee candidates?