UCD: Unyielding Conviction & Design

The easiest way to recognize a true UCD is by how ideologically driven they are. The UCD desires to understand the principles in how the world is designed. UCDs are problem solvers and work extremely hard to find strategies and create solutions.

Those who fit this MDNA are opinionated, blunt, and emotionally intense. The UCD has a habit of choosing ideologies over relationships because everything is seen as black or white, in or out, wrong or right. This leads to unyielding convictions that the UCD is willing to stand on regardless of popular opinion.

UCD: Examples

Some examples of popular UCDs, today and throughout history, are three-time heavyweight boxing champion and activist Muhammad Ali; scientist George Washington Carver that transformed an industry by developing approximately 100 products made from peanuts; Stephen R Covey, best-selling author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People; and Timothy Ferriss, best-selling author of The 4-Hour Workweek. Famous fictional UCDs would be Sherlock Holmes and the Marvel comic book character Tony Stark also known as Iron Man.

(Celebrity profiles are unofficial, unverified and for educational purposes only.)

UCD: Brand Culture

The organization or group that fits this Motivational Value System is imprinted with the brand profile, “Innovative Paradigms.” The Innovative Paradigms brand is all about introducing new products, ideas and approaches to the market, operating out of insights and principles, which differentiate them from other organizations. It’s not uncommon to find this company solving a niche problem or serving an untapped market.

The core competence of this brand culture is design. This doesn’t refer to aesthetic design, but rather how the world is works in terms of scientific design, social design and even spiritual design.

Nike, for example, not only was innovative in the athletic footwear industry, but also introduced new ideologies to sports such as running and personal fitness. Another example is Pixar. Many see Pixar as just an animation company. The reality is Pixar started as a software company and used its technical innovations to pioneer a new breed of 3D animated entertainment.

Other examples of Innovative Paradigms brands are Blackberry, Bombardier, 4 Hour Workweek/Chef/Body, General Electric, Ford, TED, American Airlines, Charles Schwab and Muhammad Ali.

UCD: How to Live by Design and Change the World

The world needs visionaries. You are not afraid of vision. You are designed to solve problems through insight and discovery. And obviously there are many problems in the world that need unique solutions. This is what your vision is for.

Innovation is something you are very capable of. However, innovation doesn’t necessarily mean inventing something new from scratch. It could mean seeing new applications to implement the principles of Life in ways others have never thought of—or were brave enough—to explore.

You also have the ability and courage to start where there appears to be chaos. Once you get a vision, you have the ability to communicate that vision to others. This means you have a particular gift to work with leaders. Quite often the UCD is the leader of leaders even if this is not formalized. In this way, you possess the necessary finesse to help individuals and groups achieve their greater purpose.

Where change is needed you can be inspirational and transformational.

Often, people will not understand your passion for excellence, within yourself and others. Even when people need a second chance, you believe in them. This is called redemption. You get excited about redemption and this kind of redemption can change the world. Look for opportunities to help people with this redemption. Don’t be afraid to speak out against what is wrong. At the same time, don’t forget to learn and use wisdom to rebuild and restore.

You are intentionally intense. The world can’t be changed without this fervent type of intention and intensity. And it’s OK to need to be alone. That’s how you refresh and recharge.

Sometimes you will have to make a greater sacrifice than others to do be the gift to the world you can be. You will have to be disciplined to stay focused on what matters to you. Learn the important things to do what you do—even if it seems abstract to others—especially in hindsight of the other mistakes you have made.

To change the world you will need to stay committed, take initiative and enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit. Be active. Don’t be passive. Never sacrifice your independence no matter others want from you. Blaze new trails. Be a pioneer! People need a spark. You can be that spark and catalyst for change.

Nobody changes the world maintaining the status-quo. You can not only think outside the box, you can see a totally new box. Being fearless and bold, unintimidated by the unknown and change, will keep you going in persistence and endurance when others would have quit a long time ago.

Taking the hard right instead of the easy left is what you are designed to do. That’s why the right ideologies are important to you. You don’t settle for mediocrity. That’s also why you need to be brutally honest, vulnerable, the standard for integrity, and sometimes a little too transparent. That’s ok.

It’s also OK to speak first when nobody else wants to. It’s OK to speak against hidden agendas, manipulation and deception. You can be a champion for people. Passion wins. Passion is also loyal and generous. Ultimately, passion is unyielding.

You are unyielding in your convictions and design—that’s how you, the UCD can change the world.

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