Use MDNA to Work Better Together

You have a task that needs a team to work together. How can MDNA help you decide how to approach individuals and integrate them into your team?

This article will help you make some quick decisions and explore team configurations when it comes to using MDNA. Just remember, this is only a starting point. Everybody has a primary and secondary MDNA gift. So remember to consider both profiles.

UCD - Unyielding Conviction & Design

When you’re starting from scratch and need a black and white approach.

The UCD will waste no time and just get straight to the point. This is especially helpful if you are stumped or the problem is something that needs to be triaged immediately. The UCD has no issues with chaos and getting things organized from scratch or creating a rapid prototype. Just let them go do their thing and have them check in at agreed times.

SSA - Sacrificial Service & Authority

When you just need help from somebody with no other motives other than getting the job done.

The SSA is the behind-the-scenes type who just gets things done. The SSA has the ability to keep new initiatives from stalling out by supporting leaders. If you’re in a position where the minutiae just needs to be addressed, contact the SSA. Just make sure you’re not taking advantage of them because they will overwork themselves. And they work best when they know they’re making the team great,

KWR - Knowledgeable Wisdom & Responsibility

When you need a researched and informed approach to educate the team.

Give the KWR room to be the intellectual, especially if your team requires a specific subject matter expert. It doesn’t matter what type of information; whether it’s data, analysis, instructions or theories. Let the KWR bring research and knowledge management capacity to the team. The KWR also tends to have the witty and quirky humor for the group as well.

EIA - Empowering Inspiration & Attraction

When you need the team to gel and enjoy working together.

We like to call the EIA the “social glue and teflon” of a group. They’re motivated to bring people together socially and become unified under a vision or overcome a task with courage. As master communicators they make sure people are getting along. And when relationships are stressed, they add life by telling a joke or larger-than-life story. They are often entertaining as well which can really be helpful.

CVS - Compelling Value & Stewardship

When you need the most flexible person willing to play any role or plug a gap.

The CVS is considered “relentlessly resourceful” because of how diverse and flexible they are willing to be. The CVS is often hard to pin down into a role because they’re pretty good at almost everything. This is extremely helpful in startup situations or if there’s something that needs to be taken care of because of a gap in resources. The CVS also can work with pretty much any group regardless of diversity. They just know how to fit in.

DLF - Dominion Leadership & Freedom

When you need a strong leader or administrator to get organized.

The DLF is best at being authoritative and bringing a strong leadership presence to the team dynamic. Give them the top title and they will know what to do. If not the leader, the DLF is also a master administrator. If you want lists and systems of execution you got it. If the group has to be organized for productivity, the DLF will have no problems. They also handle adversity pretty darn well.

IAF - Intuitive Alignment & Fulfillment

When you need that extra special something with detail orientation.

The IAF can be just as diverse as the CVS. The difference is the IAF will know what they want to work on and the excellence they’re capable of. And when they’re passionate about a vision, they will see and take care of all the details. They also prefer to work by design and not default. So if your team needs some creativity and empathy, go grab an IAF. Let them share what their instincts are saying and see the magic happen.

Like previously mentioned, this is just the starting point. Each MDNA gift is rich and deep with more to offer. If you want to learn more about each gift, visit the MDNA results page. And let us know if we can help you any further.

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