The Relational Spectrum: 7. IAF

The order of the MDNA gifts reveals a relational spectrum. The further you are on the left, the less relational engagement is required to synchronize with your intrinsic motivation. The further to the right, the opposite is true. To be clear, everybody needs relationships to be a holistic and healthy individual. In this series we will examine each gift on the spectrum.

IAF: Intuitive Alignment & Fulfillment

Of all the gifts, the IAF requires the most social engagement for intrinsic motivation. First off, this does not mean the IAF needs to know or be known by a lot of people. In fact, many IAF will shy away from large crowds or the social spotlight. To the IAF, the most intrinsically motivating relationships are not as much wide as they need to be deep.

In essence, the IAF does not care how many people are in their social circle. Typically, they have a very tight inner circle where there is depth, authenticity, integrity and trust. This is the reason IAFs are fiercely loyal and care deeply about your feelings. They are highly intuitive of the social "vibe" and can sense when someone feels out of social alignment. If you know an IAF, the best thing you can do is share details of your life and be open to hearing theirs (when appropriate of course).

While the IAF expresses slightly differently between men and women, today, some of the greatest IAF leaders understand that relational depth is critical for success.