The Relational Spectrum: 6. DLF

The order of the MDNA gifts reveals a relational spectrum. The further you are on the left, the less relational engagement is required to synchronize with your intrinsic motivation. The further to the right, the opposite is true. To be clear, everybody needs relationships to be a holistic and healthy individual. In this series we will examine each gift on the spectrum.

DLF: Dominion Leadership & Freedom

Whether formally or not, the DLF is a natural leader. This doesn't mean the DLF has to be front and center all the time. They are just as happy leading from the back as the front. This is also how they are intrinsically motivated by social engagement.

The DLF needs the second highest social engagement to be intrinsically motivated. Again, this is by virtue. Every leader needs people around them. In fact, the best leaders know they need the best people. Therefore, social circles are very important. Furthermore, the DLF loves using his or her leadership to provide opportunity (challenge) to help others around them reach full potential.

Sometimes this means the DLF can become vilified or come across challenging because of their organized and systematic approach; especially in the face of opposition. But really, the DLF is looking for loyal relationships so you can all have each other's backs. True leadership will always make everybody greater as a group than just as individuals.