Brand Culture FAQs

Can and should MDNA be used to screen employment candidates?

The short answer is, yes, it can be used for screening, but no, we don't recommend it. Obviously, if an organization really wanted a certain MDNA gift to hire, assessing candidates before an interview is possible. But again, we don't recommend it for multiple reasons. Outside of legal and ethical implications, here are some considerations.

Intrinsic Motivation

MDNA does not identify upfront whether a candidate will be successful or not successful as an employee. MDNA will, however, reveal how they are best motivated and the signals to quickly recognize whether they are engaged or disengaged in the shortest period of time. Therefore, MDNA provides a clear predictive framework on how to recognize the signs of culture fit and how to engage them in the most optimal manner.

MDNA for Recruiting

One way we have used MDNA is to assess candidates after they have been granted an interview. This way there can be no assumptions that results can disqualify them should an interview not be granted. In addition, the candidate is much more relaxed. And if they are told MDNA is simply a way to get to know them better before the interview, it tends to motivate authenticity when taking the assessment.

Another benefit is for the organization itself to learn quickly how to best interview the candidate, especially if trying to entice a particular hire. When managers are trained in MDNA, they can ask better questions and qualify MDNA results to really engage a potential employee. The entire interview process tends to become much more authentic and effective this way.

MDNA for Onboarding

Some organizations don't use MDNA in the recruiting process at all. They allow the interview to determine a hire based upon the merits of that interview alone. Then MDNA is used as part of the onboarding process to quickly get the new hire engaged. Here, MDNA is also used to evaluate the employee two weeks later and then at the end of a typical probationary period.

How MDNA is used for recruiting and onboarding really boils down to the culture and goals of an organization. For example, sometimes a particular culture fit may be required for a specific position and set of responsibilities. In this case, MDNA may be used differently than if the organization is hiring entry level positions only. The same goes for volunteers and even improving the value of exit interviews. MDNA can address it all.

We are happy to assist in considering all options and to make a recommendation.