MDNA Cloud is an employee engagement and analytics platform. We use MDNA Cloud to deliver all assessments and help individuals and organizations measure and manage their culture. There are two different types of assessments we use when working with individuals and organizations. These are delivered in 2 parts. All assessments start with an email invitation from MDNA Cloud.

Part 1: Basic Assessment (15-30 minutes)

This assessment is best described as a "Personality Test for Intrinsic Motivation." Part 1 identifies an individual's top two MDNA gifts out of seven. After completing this part, the results are immediately sent by email with an online personal report.

Part 2: Premium Assessment (30-60 minutes)

This assessment goes deeper into an organization's culture. It asks an employee to share their opinions, perspectives and comments on areas such as:

  1. Confidence in change management
  2. Level of self-motivation based upon current role and responsibilities
  3. Social engagement with fellow employees and team members
  4. Any comments on the current culture

Please note that the more information you provide, the more accurate the assessment. This really helps us make the best recommendation for an organization's culture.

Video: What to Expect in an MDNA Assessment (5:50):

Should you answer the questions professionally or personally?

One common question we are asked is whether the assessment should be based upon work or personal perspectives. In other words, do you answer the questions based upon who you are at work or outside of work? The answer is both. Please answer in a way that describes you both professionally and personally. This will be very helpful in helping fellow employees and managers respect and relate to your MDNA.

All assessments are completely confidential. Results are only accessible by the MDNA team and the client supervisor authorized to request an assessment.