General FAQs

What are the deliverables we can expect for our organization? What does MDNA actually do?

When an organization participates in an MDNA Cloud premium assessment, there are three main deliverables.

1. Individual MDNA Gifts

Part one of MDNA Cloud is a personal assessment that identifies how each employee is intrinsically motivated. Each participant receives a personal report with their individual MDNA results including a primary and secondary MDNA Gift. Here is an example of the report that each employee/team member receives. Click here to learn more on understanding your MDNA results.





2. Six Dimensions of Culture

MDNA Cloud takes data from the individual assessments and provides scores for six primary culture dimensions - shown below. We also provide a two-hour webinar to help an organization get familiar with MDNA and prepare them for the Brand Culture process. Using the following information, we are able to make recommendations in alignment with the organization's objectives. Each dimension represents a group's overall level of intrinsic motivation to:

  1. Foster, drive and sustain viable innovation.
  2. Generate results and sustain productivity.
  3. Adapt for efficient and effective change management.
  4. Analyze, manage and transfer knowledge.
  5. Expand networks for an objective or purpose.
  6. Build and sustain purpose-driven community.

These dimension metrics also provide a baseline to measure results. We recommend reassessing the organization every six months to measure ROI on the Brand Culture strategy.


3. Culture Graph

The entire organizational culture is visualized into a culture graph. This graph acts as a map to quickly identify assets and opportunities for a Brand Culture strategy. Think of it like an upfront X-ray or MRI. Data is visualized on a culture graph to tell us the following information. 

  • SDI (Self-Determination Index)
    • Measures how intrinsically motivated employees are in relation to their roles and responsibilities.
  • SEI (Social Engagement Index)
    • hows how engaged an employee is with peers.
  • CCI (Confidence in Change Index)
    • eveals how confident the employee is in change.

The Culture Graph allows us to make strategic recommendations to the organization in an efficient and analytical manner. A major benefit of the Culture Graph is that it allows everybody to see intangible culture factors, such as confidence and trust, in tangible and measurable ways.

Interested in examples?

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