The Relational Spectrum: 4. EIA

The order of the MDNA gifts reveals a relational spectrum. The further you are on the left, the less relational engagement is required to synchronize with your intrinsic motivation. The further to the right, the opposite is true. To be clear, everybody needs relationships to be a holistic and healthy individual. In this series we will examine each gift on the spectrum.

EIA: Empowering Inspiration & Attraction

The EIA is right in the center of the relational spectrum for good reason. This is because the EIA is typically right in the center of every social network. The EIA is highly relational, like the IAF, while, at the same time, can relate to the more non-relational gifts easily. In other words, the EIA is equally intrinsically motivated to spend 1-on-1 time as they are with the social spotlight standing in front of large crowds.

Some describe the EIA as a "party waiting to happen," which is quite often true. Most importantly, the EIA can be a "social chameleon" crossing all demographic and cultural boundaries. This is very handy when diversity is valued.

If you are an EIA here is one tip: to embrace the multitude, you must also be comfortable with solitude. In other words, the more people you want to reach and influence, the more you need to be OK spending time alone. By virtue, the wider your social vision, the more possibility there will be of some people not liking you (the stronger your vision means, quite often, the stronger the opposition will be). This simply comes with the territory of being a visionary leader. Therefore, the more comfortable you are with your own skin, by yourself, the more effective you will be with everybody else.