The Relational Spectrum: 1. UCD

The order of the MDNA gifts reveals a relational spectrum. The further you are on the left, the less relational engagement is required to synchronize with your intrinsic motivation. The further to the right, the opposite is true. To be clear, everybody needs relationships to be a holistic and healthy individual. In this series we will examine each gift on the spectrum.

UCD: Unyielding Conviction & Design

The UCD needs the least relational engagement to be intrinsically motivated. In other words, the UCD is completely fine being alone and can stay effective. They are very happy being completely autonomours. In fact, the UCD needs the most time alone to recharge.

Don't be surprised if the UCD would rather go home after work and isolate themselves for some "silence and darkness." Or if they seem to avoid meetings that are for the sole purpose of chemistry and bonding, it is totally normal. They are not rejecting people or being unloving at all. They will be just fine.

At the same time, don't let the UCD get too isolated. The UCD may think they need some alone time, but really connecting with another person is necessary. As you can see by the spectrum, the UCD has a strong potential to go relationally offline quickly. The UCD tends to take him or herself pretty seriously. Going out and getting some (relational) fresh air is healthy.