MDNA (“Motivational DNA”) is a framework that combines the science of intrinsic motivation and principles of social DNA to inspire transformation. MDNA is also the foundation for Brand Culture which is a marketing and HR consulting strategy.

The Gifts

At the core, MDNA is comprised of seven “Gifts.” We call them Gifts to indicate how and what an individual is intrinsically motivated to give to the world. For each Gift, we carefully chose an acronym to help with an immediate understanding of its purpose, passions and potential.

  1. UCD :: Unyielding Conviction & Design
  2. SSA :: Sacrificial Service & Authority
  3. KWR :: Knowledgeable Wisdom & Responsibility
  4. EIA :: Empowering Inspiration & Attraction
  5. CVS :: Compelling Value & Stewardship
  6. DLF :: Dominion Leadership & Freedom
  7. IAF :: Intuitive Alignment & Fulfillment

MDNA is supported by social psychology research called Self-Determination Theory which was made mainstream by the best-selling book Drive: The Surprising Truth of What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink. The entire MDNA model is built upon analysis of historical trends and best-practice with extensive user testing since 2009. MDNA has been utilized and tested in industries such as HR, management consulting, brand strategy, leadership training, and executive coaching. 

Two-Part, Cloud-Based Assessment

Part one of the MDNA assessment is different from other personal inventories because it focuses on intrinsic motivation and it's impact on an individual's social DNA. Many say that MDNA “goes deeper.” While other frameworks focus on psychological temperament or strengths, we believe that these inventories are of no value without intrinsic motivation. Part one is free. Please click here to get started.

Part two measures culture and employee engagement and shows you how to manage it for results. We believe profit per employee is the single most important metric in any company. To learn more about part two and its benefits for your company, please

The MDNA Cloud is a proud part of the Envision ecosystem. Envision has co-developed business applications for MDNA such as Brand Culture.