I’m VERY excited that you’ve decided to be a part of MDNA as a Channel Partner. 

The launch of the Channel Partner Program is a huge vision realized for me.  

    As you know, MDNA was created to help individuals and employees learn about themselves and their intrinsic motivations. The Gifts were born. Following that, MDNA evolved into what it is today: a software platform that measures culture and employee engagement. This is the foundation for not only culture work but brand work as well.  

    Getting Started

    • First, be sure to take Part 1 of MDNA so we know your MDNA Gifts. You can do that from this page.
    • Here is an elevator pitch for use when networking, in emails and on your LinkedIn profile.
      • (You may want to pick and choose key sentences and phrases depending on your situation.)


    MDNA Cloud Assets

    • MDNA logos and visual guide for use in your own marketing and promotion. (This downloads as a folder.)
    • Example of report that each client receives. We walk through this report on the debrief call/meeting.
    • JPEGs of Culture Graph and Culture Dimensions. (.zip file.)

    Marketing and Promotion

    We encourage you to promote, market and talk about MDNA with your contacts and network. Use your social media accounts and e-newsletter campaigns, for example, to tell others about MDNA. Here are a few helpful links.

    All of them will need to be adjusted for your own use and situation.

    • Content you can use in your own marketing campaigns. (Word document.)
    • A current Channel Partner's landing page that he sends to his clients that describes MDNA.

    Connection Call

    Every 1st Wednesday of the month we have a “Channel Partner Connection Call.” We’ll cover the basics about MDNA, show you the latest and greatest releases, discuss case studies, hear from clients and other Channel Partners and answer your questions.

    The goal of this call is to equip you with all that MDNA Cloud is capable of including personal development content for your own use in growing your business. 

    Here are the Powerpoint files from previous calls.

    There's a lot of wonderful content in here related to vision, values and problems that MDNA solves for clients.

    Sep 2017
    Oct 2017
    Nov 2017

    Dashboard (Available for Channel Partners who are certified.)

    Every Channel Partner that becomes certified receives their own Dashboard and Self Registration link. The self registration link (which will be something similar to "your-company-name.mdna.cloud") can be sent to anyone in your network who wants to take the Basic assessment. MDNA Cloud will email you with their results and you can also see this from your own Dashboard.

    MDNA Cloud sends automated emails to those who take the assessment from your Self-Registration link. Please click here to see a starting template for these emails. Please make any changes you'd like for your own Self-Registration link and send it back to liz@mdna.cloud.

    Spread the Word!

    If you know of others who could benefit from being involved as a Channel Partner, would you make introductions? My goal is to have 45 Channel Partners involved with MDNA. This is very do-able and keeps the network small (for now) where we can make a great impact.

    Please don't hesitate to call or text 612-406-6852 or email liz@mdna.cloud with any questions or comments.

    Thank you again for becoming a part of the MDNA Cloud community.

    I look forward to working with you!