Recruiter uses MDNA for Culture Fit and Negotiations

This MDNA Culture Graph is courtesy of certified partner Jennifer Kornfeld. Jennifer uses MDNA as a recruiter to help companies understand how to hire for culture fit and what intrinsically motivates candidates during negotiations.

The most critical step Jennifer takes is to have managers and direct supervisor of the candidate take an MDNA assessment first. This allows Jennifer to predict how a new hire will engage with the current culture and management. On top of this, negotiations are much smoother when both parties understand their Motivational Value Systems and the potential differences of what they expect and why.

After Jennifer has selected a pool of candidates, we have discussions with her on how to interpret live interview data with their assessments.

We always teach that MDNA will not be able to predict whether a new hire will be successful or not. However, MDNA can, with over 90% accuracy, clearly help recognize the signs of a successful or unsuccessful hire, and why, in an accelerated period of time. This is invaluable during a probation period because the cost of  a bad hire to an organization is roughly 150% of the employee's wages. Beyond this, MDNA can also help prescribe action plans for any intervention should they desire rehabilitation or transition of the employee.

Beyond this, recruiters are able to use MDNA Cloud to analyze any intrinsic motivational patterns of candidates that apply for advertised positions. Decisions can then be made on any adjustments such as job postings or descriptions.

To learn how to implement MDNA Cloud and Brand Culture into your organization, please contact us.

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Ed Kang