Annual Employee Reviews for Construction Company

MDNA Cloud can be used for employee reviews. This is the MDNA culture graph of a construction company of all employees participating in an annual review. Each employee takes a series of surveys through MDNA Cloud that are tailored to the review process and desired data parameters defined by management. There are several benefits to using MDNA during employee reviews as experienced with this client.

Tailored to Intrinsic Motivators

Using MDNA, we can take a personalized approach for each employee. This creates an engagement and personal development opportunity where each employee truly feels like an individual and not just a file number. Motivational Value Systems tell us how to acknowledge and accommodate the intrinsic motivations of each employee. For example, some employees are driven by quality of relationships while others look for intellectual development. We are also able to recognize team dynamics and respect each employees differing approaches to social engagement with peers and managers. This was especially important when providing constructive feedback.

360 Degree Feedback

How employees perceive their social interactions within an organizational culture and what everybody else's perceptions actually are, can be two totally different things. By asking every employee to assess the relationships they care about, MDNA Cloud helps every employee with self-awareness while creating a common language for mutual respect. When we explain to employees why they choose a certain style of social engagement based upon their MDNA, there are always "Aha!" moments. This creates openness to receive constructive peer feedback.

Professional Development Planning

Understanding an employee's Motivational Value System allow the company to build customized development paths for long-term engagement. Employees feel like they know where they stand and where they are going. They feel the company acknowledges what motivates them as individuals while aligning to corporate results. Retention increased when every employee feels they have a clear professional and personal development path.

Management Analytics

Finally, MDNA Cloud creates an insights report to provide a culture overview for upper management. Better educated decisions can be made on quantitative and qualitiative data. They can also access every employee's notes and feedback on the MDNA Cloud system. Furthermore, different culture metrics can be tracked over a period of time to measure ROI of engagement efforts.

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Ed Kang