Software Startup Social Media and Content Marketing Strategy

Startups, whether intentional or not, have a founding culture.

More specifically, there is a particular social DNA in their brand that is imprinted by the intrinsic motivations of its visionary founders. It is important to identify this as soon as possible for two reasons. First, startups do not have the same margin of error of an established brand when trying to quickly achieve the hyper growth that defines a startup. Second, by nature, startups are chaotic, so the brand and culture can get lost in the million tasks founders need to execute.

Envision assisted this startup by identifying what we call their Core Brand Culture which is basically the organization's MDNA. Then each of the founding team was assessed to understand their intrinsic motivators in relation to the brand. Finally, with this data, a sales and marketing strategy that generates the quickest revenue, and fits the culture of the founding partners, was drafted. This included an elevator pitch that fused the brand and culture together into one powerful value proposition.

This now allows this startup to create content that aligns with who they really are. Additionally, content analysis data was provided on competitors and other vertical markets. This means this startup can see what is already working online, and inject their own unique identity into it for compelling content. Guess work, and risk, are minimized. Assumptions can be quickly tested. And each founder can work within their core intrinsic motivations while building strong team resilience for all the bumps that startups endure.

We had a lot of fun working with Envision and this client. We love the startup culture and in particular this startup's vision and mission.

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Ed Kang