Manufacturing Company Launches Brand Strategy with Employee Engagement

The client was a manufacturing company that wanted to launch a brand strategy but also desired employee engagement. The objective was to get the company's sales and marketing to a new level while aligning and reinforcing the culture. Upper management wanted to avoid the sense that the strategy was rolling out from the top-down and rather take a bottom-up approach where every employee had an opportunity for ownership.

Working with Envision Brand Culture, we assessed the entire organization using MDNA Cloud then facilitated several workshops to identity the core vision and values. Looking at the above culture graph we immediately understood that the key stakeholders of the company would require detailed information and rational processing time to adopt the new strategy.

There were several other considerations concerning the Motivational Value Systems of the employees, especially in relation to the CEO who was championing the process. Another factor that required sensitivity was working the the union. Key stakeholders from both union and non-union worked together. The client was given culture tools to continue boosting employee engagement. We followed up with employees for engagement feedback and additional coaching. In the end, a new brand identity and website were also successfully launched.

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Ed Kang