UCD: Do you always want to fix yourself and others?

Got some UCD going on? Every MDNA gift has the potential for what we call the "Legitimacy Gap." A Legitimacy Gap is when you begin to identify yourself by what your gift does versus who you really are. You are a human being, not a human doing. In other words, we must always be careful not to define our self-worth based upon outside perceptions and performance. MDNA is best starting from the inside--your intrinsic motivation.

Here is what this looks like for the UCD.

The UCD is great at fixing things. They see problems and chaos and can come up with solutions pretty quickly. Being a problem solver, especially ones based upon principles and ideologies, is intrinsically motivating to the UCD.

This means the UCD, of all gifts, is the hardest on their own problems. If a UCD cannot fix him or herself, then a major Legitimacy Gap can occur. Quite frankly, UCDs can take themselves way too seriously sometimes. This can cause issues in relationships. When you are always trying to fix problems for people, you end up trying to fix people in general. This can alienate relationships pretty easily. 

Sometimes, a UCD simply has to say, "This is not my problem," by asking if the problem is theirs to begin with. The world will keep spinning even if you can't fix every problem. The right problems will always come along where your gift can shine.

Ed KangComment