The Relational Spectrum: 3. KWR

The order of the MDNA gifts reveals a relational spectrum. The further you are on the left, the less relational engagement is required to synchronize with your intrinsic motivation. The further to the right, the opposite is true. To be clear, everybody needs relationships to be a holistic and healthy individual. In this series we will examine each gift on the spectrum.

KWR: Knowledgeable Wisdom & Responsibility

The KWR is closer to the middle of the MDNA spectrum when it comes to relationships. The KWR is intrinsically motivated by relationships primarily in the areas of subject matter expertise and knowledge transfer. For example, the KWR enjoys relating to others that share common interests and understanding. Another example are KWR teachers that relating to other learners through knowledge. The TV show Big Bang Theory is a great example of KWR friendships with strong subject matter bonds and educational roles (not to say all KWRs are "nerds" and "geeks" as some of the highest performing athletes are also KWR). In other words, if you want to engage a KWR, talk about something they are learning or already know well.

Still, being on the left side of the MDNA spectrum, the KWR has no issues being alone; especially taking into consideration secondary gifts. Again, this is about intrinsic motivation. The KWR will always be intrinsically motivated by social engagement more than the UCD or SSA. Another aspect that makes the KWR very sociable is their sense of humor, which may not be for everybody, but makes them approachable in their own unique ways.