The Pursuit of IT Happ(i)ness

What if the purpose of technology was to help us pursue true happ(i)ness?

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Using MDNA, we understand that there are two types of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation leads to happiness while extrinsic motivation can represent the things we pursue that just make us happy.

For example, working for financial rewards alone (extrinsic motivator) may make you happy for a time, especially with all the fun things you can do with more money. Yet long-term, if financial rewards are not attached to your purpose, passions and potential (intrinsic motivators) than you will struggle to find professional success and personal fulfillment.

Happy vs. Happy(i)ness

In collaboration with Marc Miller, Owner and Chief Happiness Officer at Imagine IT and Founder of the Gunnar Project, Marc talks about happy vs happ(i)ness. As Marc introduces in this video, there is a difference between happy with a 'y' and happiness with an 'i'.

Application Exercise

Just as Marc suggests, make two lists of happy and happiness. Then go through each list and mark which ones are intrinsic or extrinsic motivators. Remember, intrinsic motivators come from within. Extrinsic motivates externally. 

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More Happ(i)ness

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