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Based on the social science of intrinsic motivation, MDNA Cloud is a software platform that measures workplace culture. Using the data, we help leaders and business owners build and manage their organization's internal culture for growth and increase profit per employee. MDNA is also the foundation for helping an organization build their brand and marketing effectiveness in the marketplace. 

In the MDNA Cloud premium assessment, we measure the following.

Six Dimensions of Culture

MDNA Cloud takes data from the basic assessment and provides scores for six primary culture dimensions.

  1. Innovation
  2. Productivity
  3. Change
  4. Knowledge
  5. Expansion
  6. Community

These six dimensions are calculated by an algorithm based upon a series of assessments taken by each employee and then given a score. The scores can then be used to calculate ROI on brand and culture initiatives and measured over time. Management decisions can then be made based upon scientific and data-based insights to increase revenue per employee.


The entire organizational culture is visualized into a culture graph. This graph acts as a map to quickly identify assets and opportunities for a Brand Culture strategy. Think of it like an upfront X-ray or MRI. Data is visualized on a culture graph to tell us the following information. 

  • SDI (Self-Determination Index)
    • Measures how intrinsically motivated employees are in relation to their roles and responsibilities.
  • SEI (Social Engagement Index)
    • hows how engaged an employee is with their peers.
  • CCI (Confidence in Change Index)
    • eveals how confident the employee is in terms of change.



Want to build your organization's culture so it's healthy, productive and thriving? Don't know where to start? MDNA Cloud can help. 

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