MDNA Cloud app is here!



Many organizations get stuck in understanding how to engage their employees and culture to build their brand and achieve business results.

Using MDNA Cloud, technology, neuroscience and brand culture principles, the MDNA Cloud app connects and engages employees, and aligns their efforts and intrinsic motivations to reach business goals, live out core values and increase revenue.

Leaders no longer need to choose between being externally, results focused or internally, employee focused. The new MDNA Cloud app can help.    


With the app (customized to your organization), you can:

  • Identify your unique Brand Culture.
  • Learn more about each individual MDNA Gift.
  • See a directory of all employees.
  • Use MDNA to drive business results.
  • Connect internal culture to external results.
  • Receive regular MDNA content related to your organization. 
  • Schedule a Virtual Culture Officer session.
  • Share MDNA with new employees.
  • Log in to your own MDNA Dashboard.
  • Contact support.

About MDNA Cloud

Based on the social science of intrinsic motivation, MDNA Cloud is a software platform that measures culture by starting with an employee assessment similar to a personality test for intrinsic motivation. MDNA Cloud measures six dimensions of culture along with other culture-related factors like confidence in change and self determination. Learn more>>